Desamaru Simple is a powerful lightweight content management (cms) system based on PHP and MySQL designed to create website quickly. It is programmed easily, uses oops built on a controller view framework.

Latest Templates

We have just started commercial templates for Desamaru cms

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Latest Plugins

New plugins for Desamaru cms will be listed here. All plugins are free of charge.


Separator is module plugin to separate content of two same or different modules from same position. This plugin push the content of following module of same position to next line instead of appearing next to.


Post is page plugin for simply posting content in website. This plugin is most used plugin as it is required for wide range of websites.

Latest modified post

Latest modified post is dashboard plugin. It will show 10 posts modified recently. This plugin require post plugin to work.

Latest post

Latest post is dashboard plugin. It will show 10 posts modified recently. This plugin require post plugin to work.

About Desamaru Simple

Desamaru Simple is powerful light weight cms that can replace any other cms. Simplicity in interface, programming is our main objective. We try to keep library and coding as less and simple as possible and add only required classes in library. It is easy to add your own custom classes and use them. We use mootools in admin panel and jquery with bootstrap in site/frontend. Anyone who has general knowledge in PHP and MySQL can work in this cms. In addition, we also support with documentations and FAQs. If you need any further information on this cms, you can contact us at

Supported Browsers


  • Desamaru has released free version of Desamaru for personal use and testing.
  • Desamaru has just released version 1.2.0 on 19 March 2014.
  • Desamaru has just released stable version 1.0 of  Desamaru simple on 2nd October 2013.


  • Desamaru 1.2.0 will be available from 19 March 2014.
  • Desamaru simple will be available for download on 2nd October 2013.
  • Desamaru is proud to announce the release of first stable version of Desamaru simple on 2nd October 2013.